"That moment will come, their role is crucial in reducing Serbia's hatred"

Azem Vlasi claims that is why the role of the United States in Kosovo and beyond is irreplaceable, reports Koha.
Vlasi pointed out that the moment will come when the United States will really join the dialogue between Kosovo and Serbia, and that it will not happen when Kosovo invites them, but when they find it appropriate - in the final stages of the dialogue.
"Since the crisis began with the breakup of Yugoslavia, America's role has ultimately been crucial, both in ending these tragedies and in designing a new geopolitical map of the region. The role of the United States has been crucial in Kosovo. We must know that for liberating Kosovo with NATO's intervention, at some point, the U.S. role will be crucial for peaceful stability, to reduce Serbia's hatred, to no longer threaten its neighbors, to no longer be destabilizing factor in the region", Vlasi said.
According to him, Serbia has not given up on its goals for "Greater Serbia", adding that it has become a major factor of instability in the region. "We must always be committed to stability, a normal neighborhood, even with Serbia. Now Serbia is trying to pull something out of Bosnia and Montenegro, if Kosovo can, if it cannot occupy part of the territory, defeat it as a fragile state. Serbia, which now has its goals, has recently openly become more aggressive as a major factor of instability in the region and a threat to peace in the region", Vlasi said.
As he says, he does not see any difference in the intentions and rhetoric of the current Serbian politicians in power compared to Slobodan Milosevic.
"These are the ones who were in power and who are Milosevic's disciples. But the difference is huge, because Serbia does not have the potential of endangering others it had in...

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