Taliban ‘wants to develop good ties with Turkey’

The Taliban is seeking support from Muslim countries to find a political solution to the conflict in Afghanistan and wants to develop good ties with Turkey, the group's spokesman Zabinullah Muhajid has said.

"Turkey is our brother, and we have so much in common based on faith," Mujahid said in an interview with TRT Arabi.

Commenting on the planned peace conference in Istanbul, he said that the Taliban were exploring every opportunity, which could bring peace to Afghanistan, adding that the responsibility of running the Kabul airport lies with the Afghani officials.

"We wish that Turkey would leave the past in the past and look toward today and the future," he said, adding, "Then we would ask for dialogue."

Talking about the peace negotiations between the Afghan groups in Doha, the capital of Qatar, he stressed, "We hope that good results will come out of Doha as soon as the negotiations start again."

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