Bulgarian Epidemiologist: Fourth COVID Wave Is Here

"The fourth wave of COVID-19 is already in our country. We have a steady increase in cases. The significant increase will come before autumn."
This was stated by the epidemiologist Petar Markov in tv interview.

"Vaccination is the cheapest and most effective way to prevent infection," he added.

The need for health workers to be vaccinated has a professional element as well.

"They work with sick people and if they are not protected, they are a risk to their patients," said Petar Markov regarding the idea of ​​Assoc. Prof. Angel Kunchev for mandatory immunization of medical workers.

The epidemiologist added that he was not in favor of compulsory vaccination.

"Rather, we have to work with persuasion. People have to decide for themselves. If measures are introduced now that restrict people's access to public places, it's like lockdown."

"The debate is a bit reversed. It's about loosening restrictions on people who have been vaccinated and do not pose a risk to others, "the specialist added. "

Everything we do in our lives carries a risk. There is a great risk to public health from Covid.

"In our country, about 20,000 people have died in the last year from something that is completely preventable," Markov said.

Should children be vaccinated?

"Children have a lower risk of severe clinical symptoms. If they are vaccinated, this will reduce the scale of which they will transmit to people who are at risk."

"This makes vaccination of children recommendable," the expert explained.

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