Greek-Italian “tourism conflict”

There seems a "tourist conflict" is evolving this summer. With a special recommendation and letter, the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs addressed a travel agent, who has organized a trip of 400 high school students from Ancona to Corfu and Athens.

The Crisis Management Unit of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs essentially emphasizes that - as happened in other places - in many Greek resorts the cases of coronavirus have increased and that in case the local authorities can not provide rooms in covid hotel, the costs of quarantine will be borne by foreign nationals.

The issue of health insurance

"If this trip is considered absolutely necessary, there must be private health insurance and the parents of the children must be informed about the financial and psychological costs," the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs concludes. Travel agent Scuolazoo replied that it foresees that there is always health insurance for his clients and that therefore there is no reason for excessive concern.

"The travel packages we offer provide insurance, which covers any additional costs of illness, including quarantine due to covid. In case of need, we have already identified structures, to which our compatriots can be transferred, if they turn out to be positive without waiting for instructions from the local authorities", underlines the Italian travel agent.

Italian FM calls for holidays in Italy

At the same time, the Italian Foreign Minister, Luigi Di Maio, invites his compatriots to take a vacation in their country and discover its beauties.

"Italy is a beautiful country with art, culture, great locations. As an Italian I would have no hesitation as to where to spend my vacation. In our country, without a doubt ", writes the...

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