Parliament Discusses Dismissal of Prosecutor General Ivan Geshev

Democratic Bulgaria supports the steps taken by caretaker Minister of Justice Yanaki Stoilov for the dismissal of Prosecutor General Ivan Geshev.

Commenting on today's sitting of the Supreme Judicial Council discussing the dismissal of the prosecutor general, from the parliamentary rostrum, the leader of the Democratic Bulgaria parliamentary group Hristo Ivanov called on the sitting magistrates to be aware of the gravity of the national interest they are dealing with. He added further that the normal procedure is for the Supreme Judicial Council to examine the request, rule on it and remove Ivan Geshev from office. In Hristo Ivanov's words due to the overriding public interest and the importance of what is about happen everything should take place in public, so that the grounds for making  one decision or another may be seen by all. His words received the full support of the parliamentary group of "Stand Up BG, We Are Coming!" The Movement for Rights and Freedoms came out with a declaration that their group will take part in consultations on any kind of reform, including of the judiciary. 


Following the sanctions under the Magnitsky Act, six files have been opened in the Supreme Cassation Prosecutor's Office and personal inspections were initiated by prosecutors of the sanctioned persons. An inquiery was also sent to the US Department of Justice for information on sanctions. 

Bulgaria's Chief Prosecutor has asked the National Revenue Agency to disclose tax and social security information about the persons Alexander Manolev, Petar Haralampiev, Krassimir Tomov, Delyan Peevski and Ilko Zhelyazkov, from whom explanations were taken.  So far, only Vasil Bozhkov has not testified, as he is hiding in Dubai, which is a non-EU country./BNR

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