From Monday: Bulgaria Closes Borders to Netherland, Malta, Andorra and Georgia

As of Monday, July 26, Bulgaria is closed to foreigners coming from four other countries - the Netherlands, Malta, Andorra and Georgia. Bulgarian citizens arriving from these countries, permanent residents and members of their families are allowed in our country only against a negative test for COVID-19, regardless of whether they have been vaccinated or not. As of last week, Great Britain, Spain, Cyprus and Kuwait are in the red zone.

Entering the red zone means that Bulgaria does not allow visits from these countries, unless it is about Bulgarian citizens and persons with the status of permanent, long-term or long-term residence in our country and members of their families. In these cases, it does not matter whether a person has been vaccinated - a negative PCR must be presented to enter the country. It is possible to replace the test with a 10-day quarantine and to cancel it if a negative PCR test is presented within 24 hours of collection. People in this hypothesis should note that the possibility of an antigen test does not apply to those coming from the red zone.

As of Monday, a new country enters the orange zone - Monaco. The usual regime applies to the orange zone - entry is by presenting a COVID certificate for vaccination, illness or a negative test, but 5% of those arriving undergo additional rapid border tests.

With Russia, which is not in a particularly prosperous position, Bulgaria allows an exception in the name of the tourism business, although these days Burgas has returned to the yellow zone due to an increase in new cases. Those who arrive from there enter with a negative PCR test, and here it also does not matter whether they are vaccinated or not. The same regime applies to travelers from Portugal, and from Monday ...

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