Antibiotice's business turnover advances 11pct in H1 2021

The Iasi-based Antibiotice pharmaceuticals company has reported an H1 2021 business turnover of 163.39 million lei, up 11% from 2020, according to a company's press statement released on Monday. From its H1 2021 revenues, the company paid the public healthcare system 13.5 million lei in the clawback tax, which influenced the profitability rate. The gross profit rate together with the expenses related to the clawback tax is 20.4%, according to the company. Gross profit increased by 2%, to 19.82 million lei. In the Romanian pharmaceutical market, prescription drugs (RX) accounted for a majority of 74.5% of total value sales. Antibiotic sales followed the trend, with the company adapting its sales to outpace the market. Thus, Antibiotice RX products recorded an increase by 13%, from 109 million lei in H1 2020, to 123.2 million lei in H1 2021. At the same time, non-RX products (OTC, medical supplements, medical devices) increased in value by 11.7%, to 26.6 million lei, as against 23.8 million lei in H1 2020. Among the best performing products in H1 2021 were anti-infective and dermatological products, food supplements sold under the Nutriensa-Antibiotice brand range (Sprinten, Equilibra, Fluxiv, Silithor, Lejer, Imunofix), as well as OTC Saliform Forte, Clafen gamma, Clotrimazole gamma, Paracetamol pills and Rompirin. Exports, which represent 42% of Antibiotice's turnover, went up in value to 68.4 million lei. Sales of finished products had a good trend, increasing by 26.5% from H1 2020, from 34.4 million lei to 43.5 million lei. Thus, in the US market, sales on the segment of sterile injectable anti-infectives administered in hospitals doubled in H1 2021 from H1 2020. At the same time, the business expansion of Antibiotics on European market resulted in an increase in sales of sterile injectable anti-infectives by 21% from H1 2020. In countries such as the United Kingdom, Hungary, Lithuania, the growth exceeded this percentage as a result of the tenders awarded in 2020. "The development of the Antibiotics business on the markets of Vietnam, Ukraine, Moldova, Serbia (where the company has open sales offices) is supported by 19 new marketing authorisations of an estimated contribution to turnover in 2022 of approximately 1 million USD / in the first year of sales," according to the company. AGERPRES (RO - author: Nicoleta Gherasi, editor: Andreea Marinescu; EN - author: Corneliu-Aurelian Colceriu, editor: Adina Panaitescu)

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