What are the consumers’ rights?

However, this also led to problems in home delivery, so the number of complaints due to delays, non-delivery or damage to goods increased. Although the difficulties in this area have been the same for years, customers are not yet well aware of their rights.

Consumers who bought products online have the right to terminate the contract if the delivery deadline is not met, and the trader is obliged to return the money within a three days period.
The National Consumers' Organization of Serbia (NOPS) points out that the increase in online shopping during the pandemic has led to an overload of courier services. "The legal deadline for delivery is 30 days, unless otherwise agreed," explains Mladen Alfirovic from the National Consumers' Organization of Serbia for Novosti.
"If the trader does not comply with it, the contract is terminated, unless the buyer leaves an additional deadline for fulfillment of the obligation. If the trader does not make the delivery even then, the contract is automatically terminated."
Should a consumer wish not to leave an additional delivery deadline, then they must notify the seller in writing or electronically that the sales contract has been terminated due to non-compliance with the delivery deadline under the Consumer Protection Act. They can also leave the account number to which they want to be paid to facilitate and speed up the procedure for return.
If the seller does not return the money within the legal deadline of up to three days or the buyer cannot get in touch with him, then the inspection should be informed about the matter. Buyers should also take into account whether the goods are delivered by a trader (seller) or a courier service because their rights could differ depending on that. If the...

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