Horgos border crossing havoc; Traffic Police helping passengers

The longest delays are in Horgos border crossing to Hungary, where the convoy of passengers stretch three kilometers long.

The traffic police redirected the vehicles towards the Kelebija border crossing, it was stated by Sputnik.
The queue of vehicles leaving the country is three kilometers long and is getting longer. Passengers say it takes them four to five hours to reach our passport checkpoint.
Since the Interzone is completely filled with vehicles towards Hungary, it takes additional three hours to reach the neighboring country.
That is why the Traffic Police stops the vehicles at the South loop of Subotica and redirects them towards Kelebija.
As previously stated by the Public Company "Roads of Serbia", at the border crossing Gradina, to enter Serbia tourists with passenger vehicles have to wait around 50 minutes.
At the Presevo border crossing, to enter Serbia from Macedonia, passenger vehicles with occupants have to wait around 30 minutes.

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