TISP Leader Trifonov: TISP Will Not Support Vote for Government in This Parliament

The leader of There is Such a People (TISP), Slavi Trifonov, Saturday reiterated on Bulgarian National Radio that his party will not support a government on the third cabinet-forming mandate, which under the Constitution President Rumen Radev has to hand either to the Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP), the Movement for Rights and Freedoms, Democratic Bulgaria or Rise Up BG! Here We Come! Even if the head of State calls for a government formed on the third mandate  to be supported, TISP will not do so, Trifonov stressed.

 "I think we did everything possible to form a government on TISP's mandate."

"We reached an agreement on almost all items [on the agenda of the meetings with other parliamentary groups over the part three weeks] and they had the opportunity to act honorably and nationally responsibly and support us, so that we could form a government [but they did not]. I see no reason why it should be the other way around this time," Trifonov said.

During their meetings at the level of experts, the BSP behaved honorably, professionally and adequately, while Rise Up BG! and Democratic Bulgaria reacted in an entirely different manner, the  TISP leader said. "The whole opportunity to form a government fell apart," he added.

Trifonov also reiterated that TISP will back President Radev for  a second term in office in the upcoming presidential elections this autumn.

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