Message from Brussels: We will cooperate with the Taliban

He added that Brussels would have to co-operate with the radical Afghan movement as they emerged victorious from a decade-long conflict.
The group now has full control of Afghanistan, following the complete collapse of the US-backed Afghan government in 2001.
"I did not say that we would recognize the Taliban," Borrell added at a press conference after an emergency meeting with EU foreign ministers, Reuters reports.
He pointed out that he said everything must be discussed with the Taliban, and he tried to protect women and girls. Borrell added that humanitarian aid must be maintained and increased, but stressed that aid would go to the Afghan government only if it met the conditions.
"The Taliban won the war, so we will have to talk to them," Borrell added. NATO no longer sends aid to Afghanistan.
Just to recall, the situation in Afghanistan has worsened in recent weeks after the Taliban's offensive on major cities began.
The Taliban took control of all border crossings on Sunday. During the day, militants entered Kabul and took control of the presidential palace. At the same time, Afghan President Ashraf Ghani left the country in order, according to him, to "prevent bloodshed".

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