Prosecutors' Office Dismissed Some Cases for Police Brutality over 'Lack of evidence'

This became clear during the hearing of the Interior Minister in the parliament.

 The name of prosecutor Trifonova, who is currently a European delegated prosecutor from Laura Coveschi's team, was mentioned at today's hearing of Interior Minister Boyko Rashkov on cases of police violence during protests against the government of Boyko Borissov and Chief Prosecutor Ivan Geshev in July last year.

  "Our new European delegated prosecutor, Trifonova, closed the case last year after she was sent to her by the Internal Security Directorate, and she did not find any police violence," Rashkov said.

  Former Sofia District Prosecutor Veronika Trifonova told BTV that she refused to conduct an investigation into police violence because two of the victims refused to give information about what happened.

 According to her, Rashkov's information is not entirely correct. Her task was to find out whether there was police violence against only three of those detained behind the columns of the Council of Ministers. She did not name the names, but a press release issued by the prosecutor's office after the interview indicated the initials - EM, Ts.Ts. and AN, two of them who coincide with the names of Evgeni Marchev and Tsvetelina Tsvetkova, who today attended the hearing on the topic in the plenary hall.

 Asked if she had seen footage of police violence circulated on Friday, she said she was not sure she had seen the same footage.

  "I watched similar footage more than eight months ago. It was because of them that I judged that there was evidence of a crime against one of the people I was supposed to rule on," the prosecutor said.

There was no violence against the other two persons on the camera footage she watched, according to her....

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