It started: They go and kill by the list

This happened, as Jutarnji list states, as part of the action of "cleansing" Kabul and other occupied cities and provinces, in which the Taliban go "door to door" in search of their previous political opponents.
A journalist whose family member got killed and another was wounded is currently in Germany, but that did not stop the Taliban. Other family members managed to escape at the last minute and it is currently unknown where they are.
DW General Manager Peter Limbourg strongly condemned this murder and called on the German authorities to take action.
"The killing of close family members of one of our editors is an unimaginable tragedy and testifies to the acute danger in which our employees and their loved ones find themselves in Afghanistan. It is obvious that the Taliban are organizing persecutions and searches for journalists, both in Kabul and other provinces. We are running out ot time", Limbourg said.
Deutsche Welle also reports that the Taliban have so far broken into the homes of at least three DW journalists, and it is believed that Nematullah Hemat was abducted from the private television station Gragas TV, while Tofan Omar, the head of the private radio station Paktia Ghag Radio, was killed.
The Taliban are also most likely responsible for the murder of translator Amdadullah Hamdard, a frequent contributor to the Germany's Die Zeit newspaper, who was found dead on the street on August 2 in Jalalabad in eastern Afghanistan. A month earlier, a well-known Indian photographer and Pulitzer Prize winner Danish Siddiqui, whose body was found in Kandahar, was killed, most likely by the Taliban.
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