Weather in Bulgaria for Upcoming Weekend - Sunny and Hot

By the end of the week, the weather will follow its typical summer rhythm - with little clouds, more significant in some areas in the afternoon hours and with temperatures in the range between 27 and 32-33 C.

On Friday, there will be conditions for insignificant short-term afternoon thunderstorms in the southwestern regions.

In the mountains - pleasant weather with little clouds with the afternoon and cool wind. In the massifs to the southwest, short-term precipitation with thunderstorm activity is possible.

Temperatures in the warm part of the day will be from 15 degrees in the high parts to 23 C in the low parts. Along the Black Sea coast - sunny weather, fresh cool wind, air and water temperatures - 26-27 degrees C.

The sea on Friday - waves up to a meter and a half with a tendency to calm down over the weekend. Until the end of the week - calm weather with prospects for afternoon thunderstorms on Saturday afternoon in southwestern Bulgaria.

Wind will be stronger in the eastern half of the country.

Temperatures in different regions of the country - between 25-26 to 32-33 degrees C, with higher temperatures in the Southwest.

The last full week of the most holiday month will start with sunny weather, no precipitation and rising temperatures. Another cold front will pass around the middle of the week with summer afternoon thunderstorms and the risk of hail.

Temperatures with slight fluctuations will be around 30 degrees.

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