Ruby, a missing 4-year dog, reunited with family, with help from Animal Police

A dog that disappeared more than a year ago and which since then has been searched by a family from western Arad was found by policemen at a distance of over 60 kilometers. Ruby is a dog aged four and a half years, black and very curious by nature, as the owners described the four-legged. He ran away from home in June 2020, and has been looked for ever since. The little girls Carla and Ema, aged 10 and four respectively, were the best friends of the quadruped and suffered greatly when they lost him. They did not stop looking for him, posting pictures on all social networks. They glued posters through the city of Arad and the surroundings, they asked on the street about Ruby, but in vain. When they heard that the "Animal Police" had been established, the girls asked their parents to call the police as the last resort to find Ruby. "In one of the actions in the county, the police officers of the Office of Animal Protection heard about a friendly black dog, who appears to be young, but who does not really stay in a place and is eternally on the run. It was located in Sicula, 60 kilometers from Arad. With the girls' prayer in mind to help them find Ruby, they went to see the dog the locals were talking about and, to their delight, it seemed to be Ruby. They didn't tell a word to the girls, not even after it was confirmed that the 4-legged is Ruby, and together with their parents the policemen planned the reunion," said, on Saturday, the spokesperson of the Arad County Police Inspectorate, Claudia Iuga. The moment of the reunion with Ruby is described by the police as a "very emotional" one for the two girls, who embraced the furry friend for a long time and promised to be more careful so that the curious quadruped would never escape from the yard of the house.AGERPRES(RO - author: Marian Buga, editor: Claudia Stanescu; EN - editor: Maria Voican)

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