Successful Mandate to Form Government Depends on TISP Says Democratic Bulgaria

The third term depends on the return of "There is such a people" to the negotiating table, but a coalition agreement must be signed to keep GERB and the MRF away from power.

This was stated before BNT by the MP from "Democratic Bulgaria" Ivaylo Mirchev.

According to him, successful ministers from the caretaker government should be invited to a future cabinet. He pointed out as immediate priorities the measures to deal with the new covid wave and the budget update.

When there is a ruling majority, the issue of the forthcoming change of the governor of the Bulgarian National Bank will be commented on, Mirchev commented. According to him, specific names for the post have not been commented.

Mirchev highlighted the role of the BNB governor for our accession to the eurozone and the introduction of the euro - something that is among the priorities of "Democratic Bulgaria". Also the role of sanctions under the law "Magnitsky".

There are all indications that there will be a new list, which will be expanded with new people who are "obviously close to the GERB government," Mirchev said. "We set up such a commission in the National Assembly on the initiative of Democratic Bulgaria. This week the BNB will be heard in this commission.

It is investigating why the Bulgarian institutions did not understand that Mr. Peevski, Mr. Bozhkov, committed certain crimes according to the US State Department, "the DB MP added.

According to him, the prospect is for governance within 6-8 months, as the current parliament is not homogeneous enough.

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