Independent commission reiterates: "There was no genocide" PHOTO

This is the conclusion of the Independent International Commission for the Study of the Suffering of All Nations in the Srebrenica Region in the period 1992-1995, formed by the Government of Republika Srpska.
Gideon Greif, the president of the commission, told reporters at today's conference at the UNS Press Center in Belgrade, adding that all 10 of its members, international experts, were completely independent in the research that lasted two years and that no pressure was put on them.
"After a detailed investigation, it was concluded that there was no individual crime of genocide, or genocide in general, in Srebrenica. Although the commission did not take into account killings outside those related to Srebrenica, it recognizes the fact that thousands of people, mostly prisoners of war, were killed in the most horrible ways and that those responsible for those crimes must be punished", Greif said.
According to him, the definition of genocide set by the Hague Tribunal will not stand the test of time.
"In order to prevent future genocides, it is very important that the notion of genocide as a crime must not be distorted. If this notion continues to be used lightly, as in the case of Srebrenica, it will lose its meaning. Genocide charges will be linked to any conflict in the future, and most importantly, there will be no consequences", Greif said.
As he stated, that report should help in dealing with the past, which would lead to the strengthening of trust and tolerance among the inhabitants of Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as the final reconciliation and coexistence of present and future generations.
"Our only goal was the truth. We believe that the results of our research are a reflection of reality, a reflection of those...

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