National Census in Bulgaria Starts on September 7

On September 7, the national census in Bulgaria begins, which is done every 10 years.

In the first stage, households will be able to fill in the questionnaire online. It takes between 10 and 20 minutes, depending on whether it's one person or several people in the household, Sergei Tsvetarski, chairman of the National Statistical Institute (NSI), told "This Morning".

In addition to the population, the survey also includes the number of dwellings - the questions are between 15 and 33, respectively.

An online census generates a code, which the enumerators will then collect when visiting our home. This will happen after September 18.

"Everyone's participation is important because we need good policies and good solutions, and they depend on the quality information that the census provides for years to come. A month feeds a decade of data," Tsvetarski explained.

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