The Taliban are closing the airport; "Let the women stay at home" VIDEO

He said that "due to the chaotic situation", the Taliban no longer allow Afghan citizens to go to the airport in Kabul.
"We are working to help, but unfortunately, the Americans are still continuing their policy and trying to get the Afghans out of the country and take them to an uncertain future," Mujahid said.
He called on the United States not to "encourage" the Afghan people, and especially people with skills and "educated elite", to leave the country.
He said Afghans should no longer come to the airport and called on those who are there to return home. He claims that their safety will be guaranteed.
He also said that no extension of the deadline by which he would be allowed to evacuate people from Afghanistan had been agreed with the United States. That deadline expires on August 31, and more and more world bosses are declaring that the deadline will not be extended.
The Mujahideen claim that the militants "do not have a list of people" for whom they are planning revenge.
"We have forgotten everything in the past. We want peace and stability in Afghanistan and for our country to progress," a Taliban spokesman said.
The Mujahideen also claim that women will not be permanently banned from going to work.
"Currently, it is for their safety, in order to prevent abuse," he said, adding that women should "stay at home" for now.
He also claims that the women were not fired and that they will receive salaries.

There is no list, we are not following anybody
Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid says the group have announced an amnesty and are trying to bring peace to our country

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