Covid-19: Bulgaria Has over 2.5 Million Vaccines in Stock

There are nearly 5.5 million doses of vaccines delivered in Bulgaria out of the four approved for use.

This was stated to BNT by Bogdan Kirilov, director of the Executive Agency for Medicines.

He noted that supplies and quantities received were more for mRNA vaccines.

There are about 3000 Bulgarians who have chosen to be given an mRNA vaccine for the second dose, after the first dose of the vector.

Our country has already donated 172,500 doses of vaccines to Bhutan and 50,000 to Bosnia and Herzegovina.

51,000 doses are to be donated to the Republic of Northern Macedonia.

The first resale was made - 100,000 doses of Moderna's vaccine were sold to Norway.

They are sold at the same price at which they were purchased.

"This procedure is coordinated with the EC and the manufacturer," said Bogdan Kirilov.

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