Migrant Pressure along Bulgaria' Borders Will Mount Significantly in Coming Months

Cretaker   Minister of Interior Boyko Rashkov gave more clarification on a possible migrant wave from Afghanistan, as well as in what condition is the border fence facility that Bulgaria has had for several years.

"The picture in Afghanistan is changing on a daily basis and the processes are also directly affecting the issue of migratory pressure. There, the Taliban movement seized power, creating a complex environment across the country and generating conditions for the emigration of citizens who see danger to their families. The migratory pressure is not just at our country alone," Rashkov said.

In his words, there will be a migrant wave in Bulgaria, Turkey and Greece.

"A fence facility has been completed in Turkey, as is Greece, which has built a fence facilityalong its border twithTurkey. We have also had such a fence facility for several years now. Compared to the previous year, migrant pressures are known to have mounted sixfold. The increase in migrants in August was 17% more than in July," he added.

"The Interior Ministry held a meeting with representatives of other state bodies, including the intelligence services," Rashkov stressed.

Regarding the situation in Bulgaria, he said that the fence facility on the border with Turkey was inspected.

"This fence has not been properly maintained at all, in some places there are collapses, rsptures, it has fallen in some places The state has commissioned maintenance of the regional governors of Burgas, Yambol and Haskovo. This will require the restoration of the fence facility. By the way, it is a serious obstacle against illegal migrants who come from Turkey to enter Bulgaria. "We currently have requests for funds that are needed to restore the fence," the official...

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