Vučić's address from Slovenia: "Angela Merkel is coming to Serbia"

After dinner with Rama and Zaev, Vui told the citizens of Serbia that the Open Balkans cannot be stopped because no one can find fault with it.
"These 17 squares in which we are now present the territory of Serbia. We are talking about the Open Balkans, about many initiatives, about how our citizens can live better," said Vucic.
"This beautiful room belongs to the Republic of Serbia," Vucic added.
When asked if the "Open Balkans" initiative has a future, he answered that he is sure that it has. "I am sure that there are, you cannot stop the peoples who want to cooperate, to establish all those principles on which the EU is based. I do not know who would mind if there were no borders between Belgrade, Skopje and Tirana," he said.
"It is completely understandable that this is not always enthusiastic. Today, Danish Minister of Foreign Affairs supported it," he added. He announced an important visit to our country.
"We expect a big visit, Chancellor Angela Merkel's visit to Serbia is being prepared. I hope that the epidemiological situation will not worsen and that she will come," Vucic announced.
He pointed out that on that occasion, he would be able to talk about a lot with Merkel, first of all, to find out the German views on the Balkans, as well as what to do in the future.
He pointed out that Germany cannot be considered an opponent, but on the contrary, it is necessary to have Germany on your side if you want to progress faster. Regarding the participation of Komi and Daferovi at the Bled Forum, he said that he was not worried about their presence, but about how they did not reach a consensus.
"Something else worries me more, I know that they should make decisions by consensus, as soon as Dodik does not agree with...

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