34 Afghans Evacuated to Bulgaria

Some of them have worked with the Bulgarian embassy and Bulgaria's military in Afghanistan.

34 Afghan citizens were evacuated after the Taliban came to power, as these were people who worked for the closed Bulgarian embassy in Kabul a few years ago, for the Bulgarian military contingent, and for European and international institutions. This was explained to MPs by Caretaker Foreign Minister Svetlan Stoev.

So far, 27 Bulgarian citizens have been evacuated, 14 Afghans are expected through the EU line and there are 22 people who are currently in Pakistan and are about to be evacuated.

Stoev leaves for a meeting of EU foreign ministers on the subject. He was adamant that he would defend Bulgaria's national interests: "We support the European Commission's efforts to form an inclusive transitional government that will lead to the final solution to the current situation. We must have a common position on international humanitarian law, on the fact that Afghanistan does not become a haven for terrorist organizations, and on the fact that, above all, the EU's external borders must be secured. "

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