Seasonally adjusted unemployment rate in Romania rises to 5.1pct in July 2021

Seasonally adjusted unemployment rate in Romania advanced 0.1 percentage points from the previous month, to 5.1%, the National Institute of Statistics (INS) announced on Wednesday. According to INS, the male unemployment rate was 0.7 percentage points higher than the female unemployment rate. The estimated number of unemployed (aged 15-74) in July 2021 was 420,000 people, up from the previous month's 408,000. By gender, the male unemployment rate exceeded the female unemployment rate by 0.7 percentage points, 5.4% to 4.7%. For adults (aged 25 to 74), the unemployment rate was estimated at 4.1% in July 2021,4.2% male unemployment and 4.0% female unemployment. The number of the unemployed aged 25-74 makes up 76.5% of the total number of the unemployed estimated for July 2021. INS mentions that from 2021, its methodology of the Household Labour Force Survey, the primary source of data in this press release, has been revised to meet the requirements of the new European regulations that came into force on January 1, 2021. The changes have a significant impact on the estimates - especially on the number of the employed population (and implicitly on the number of the economically active population - which is the denominator of the "unemployment rate" indicator). From 2021, the persons generating agricultural produce exclusively or mostly for personal consumption are no longer part of the employed population, with the indicator decreasing accordingly. That makes the data published for January - July 2021 not comparable with those published for previous time intervals. AGERPRES (RO - author: George Banciulea, editor: Oana Tilica; EN - author: Corneliu-Aurelian Colceriu, editor: Adina Panaitescu)   Photo source: (c) 

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