As of Today, New Rules for Entering Bulgaria Come into Force

With the growing number of newly infected and the changing measures in Bulgaria, by order of the Minister of Health Dr. Stoycho Katsarov, new COVID rules for entry into the country will apply.

Bulgarians coming from countries that fall into the "red zone" of COVID-19 distribution are required to present to the border authorities a valid EU digital COVID vaccination certificate or a document certifying post-illness. Persons who do not submit such are admitted to the territory of the country only after presentation of a negative result from a PCR test, conducted up to 72 hours before entering the country.

As of September 1, the Republic of Northern Macedonia, Montenegro, the Republic of Kosovo, the Republic of Kazakhstan, the United States, and Ireland fall into the red zone. This is so with a change in the list of countries by color zones, according to which the order of entry into Bulgaria is determined.

Italy goes from red to orange, and Germany, Estonia, Croatia, Italy, and San Marino go from green to orange. Romania is already moving into the green zone.

The order establishes a list of non-EU countries whose COVID-19 vaccination, testing and disease certificates will be considered equivalent to the European Union's digital COVID certificate. These are: the Republic of Northern Macedonia, the Republic of San Marino, the Swiss Confederation, the Republic of Turkey, Ukraine, and the Vatican.

As of today, foreign students holding a "D" type visa for long-term residence for study purposes are admitted to the territory of Bulgaria from countries falling into the red zone. Pupils, students, and doctoral students who live in Greece, Turkey, Serbia, the Republic of Northern Macedonia, and Romania and travel at least...

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