USR PLUS ministers have no place in gov't as long as their viewpoint is not respected (Ciolos)

Dacian Ciolos, co-president of USR PLUS (Save Romania Union Party of Liberty, Unity and Solidarity), says that the party's ministers did not know that the project on the Anghel Saligny National Investment Programme will be placed on the additional agenda of the government meeting and that it does not have approvals from the ministries of Justice and Transport. In a statement to Digi 24 private television, Ciolos said that, in his opinion, the USR PLUS ministers have nothing to look for in a government where their point of view is not respected. "The meeting was suspended until 19:00. We had meetings with the parliamentary groups today, at the beginning of the session. We'll see what we decide. We did not know that this topic will be on the additional agenda. As far as I understand, it does not have all the approvals yet, because it does not have the approvals of the Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of Transport. So, the procedure, from this point of view, is not fulfilled, but beyond that, we had a discussion in the coalition and we agreed that this project does not enter the agenda until we have cleared and voted on the abolition of the Special Section (SIIJ, Section for Investigation of Crimes in Justice, ed. n.). I believe that this is how trust in the coalition is built. If we put each other in front of the thing fulfilled, these are signals that we don't want to build together. And we want to continue together," Ciolos said. Dacian Ciolos added that USR PLUS wants to be part of the coalition, but that the Government cannot be transformed into a structure that "makes decisions to solve internal campaign problems of a party". He denied that the lack of approvals from Transport and Justice for Anghel Saligny programme was caused by the fact that the coalition parties did not reach an agreement on the abolition of the SIIJ. Ciolos also said that USR PLUS will not file a motion of censure against the government. He said, however, that, in his opinion, the USR PLUS ministers should withdraw from the Government if their point of view is not respected. Dacian Ciolos added that the subject of the dissolution of the Special Section has been on the Government's agenda for several months and that it is important in order to eliminate the CVM (Control and Verification Mechanism).AGERPRES(RO - author: Irinela Visan, editor: Mihai Simionescu; EN - editor: Maria Voican))

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