Vučić: "It would be disastrous. That will not happen"

As a reminder, Dzaferovic called on the High Representative in Bosnia-Herzegovina, Christian Schmidt, to raise the issue of removing the Serbian member Milorad Dodik. President of Serbia pointed out that that would be a dangerous precedent.
Vui said that he believes that there will be no such decisions, because, he points out, it should not happen, that Serbia will certainly not agree to something like that.
"I am afraid that this is a very dangerous precedent," Vucic emphasized in a statement for TV Pink.
"If today you say that you want someone outside to make decisions that are unprecedented, in order to fulfill the will of one people, to the detriment of another people, then that leads us to a difficult situation," Vucic said.
"We have agreed with RS that we will not accept that someone else decides on its behalf and on behalf of the people. And when we say that we do not agree, let's see what they will do. It is so dangerous that I have no words," Vucic said.
As he said, if Dodik had asked for that for other members of the Presidency of Bosnia-Herzegovina, it would have been a mess. He also noticed that Bosnia-Herzegovina interferes in the internal affairs of Serbia, every day, although Serbia, which, he says, does not interfere in the internal affairs of Bosnia-Herzegovina, but as the guarantor of Dayton, Serbia has the right to speak out on that issue.
"And whatever we say, they will say that we are carrying out aggression. We are not interested in aggression, we are just asking," said Vucic. He said that he talked to Dodik today, who does not have to ask for his help, because it is clear that such an application of the Bonn powers would be catastrophic for Bosnia-Herzegovina and Serbia. He reiterated that he had already...

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