Expert: There Might be a New Rise in Gas Prices as Early as January 1

The current increase in prices will be felt in our bills for January, Vasko Nachev believes

We can expect new "price slaps" from the beginning of next year. This opinion was expressed by energy expert Vasko Nachev.

"We can certainly expect more price slaps, unfortunately. And this will happen on January 1," Nachev said on the show" Hello, Bulgaria. "

He recalled that the gas component occupies about 70% of the pricing of heat. However, there was no useful move.

"There are 2 huge stones in the swamp. They are connected to one TPP "Maritsa East", the other - "Sofia District Heating". Yesterday, Ms. Fandakova said she would throw a thin rope at her to prevent her from sinking. There is no way for consumers to feel this, because palliative measures cannot solve this issue radically. This is a globally wrong oil and gas policy, "Nachev said.

He pointed out as a wrong step of German Chancellor Angela Merkel her announced intentions not to use gas by 2040. Another wrong move was the statement of the head of the ECB that the institution will no longer give money in the direction of gas.

"This industry requires a lot of investment. With such a statement, you realize how investors are pulling out, "said Nachev.

However, the system could not stand if everyone switched to heating with air conditioning.

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