Sorin Grindeanu: PSD will present Thursday the text of censure motion

The Social Democratic Party (PSD) will present on Thursday the text of a censure motion against the Government, which will be made available for signature, announced the party's first vice-chair, Sorin Grindeanu. "Today, PSD will present the text of the censure motion. (...) PSD is the only party that has the power given by the number of parliamentarians to initiate a censure motion. Whoever really wants this government to fall, will sign the PSD motion. The rest are stories," Grindeanu told a press conference. According to him, the signature of every one dissatisfied with the activity of the government is the only guarantee that the Citu government is really wanted to leave. "The lack of signature means only negotiation, blackmail for several advantages. Neither Citu, nor Barna, nor Ciolos, nor Orban are really interested in the problems of the Romanians - of poverty, of the increase in the prices of gas, energy and fuels, of the increase in the price of food or medicines. This is what we are interested in, namely the fact that the drastic decrease in the standard of living is the main fear on the Romanians' agenda and is the central point of the PSD motion of no confidence," the former prime minister explained. He claimed that USR PLUS is "part of the problem, not the solution" and if they really want the government to fall, they will sign the PSD motion. "We are at this moment, by the vote given by the Romanians, the only parliamentary party that has the number of deputies and senators necessary to submit a motion of no confidence. (...) We have a decision of the National Political Committee given in Olimp (Black Sea resort) which says that we will file a motion of censure when we have 234 signatures. Today we come up with the text we make available and we are waiting for the number of 234 to be made. At this time or on the last censure motion, the approximately 30 votes were missing. If USR (Save Romania Union), which said that there are 80 signatures, wants to slam this government and not to be just a blackmail, a negotiation inside the governing coalition, then it signs this motion, added Grindeanu.AGERPRES(RO - author: Catalina Matei, editor: Mihai Simionescu; EN - authors: Bogdan Gabaroi, Maria Voican, editors: Adina Panaitescu, Maria Voican)

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