AUR's censure motion: Sacking of Citu Government, only chance for Romania to live!

Romania is led by a government of national carelessness, prepared "to bury Romania in a plastic bag, without religious service, without spilling a tear" and "does not look like a country ruled in the interest of its inhabitants", AUR (Alliance for the Union of Romanians) said on Friday in the motion of no confidence against the Citu Government. "We have a president in office, a prime minister and ministers who are supposed to work on the welfare of this country and its inhabitants, but Romania looks like a desolate country, which goes from bad to worse, in which people have lost all confidence in government and public institutions. Romania does not look like a country ruled in the interest of its inhabitants, in the interest of domestic companies, in the interest of the many, in the interest of the common man, in the interest of the honest and hardworking. The taxpayers, be they citizens or firms, support through the taxes and fees they pay a state apparatus that does not seem to work in their interest. This can be seen at every step and in each field of activity. Romania dies with days if it remains for a long time in the hands of the PNL-USRPLUS-UDMR government," the document quoted reads. (PNL is National Liberal Party, USR is Save Romania Union, PLUS is Party of Liberty, Unity and Solidarity, USR PLUS are an alliance, UDMR is Hungarian Democratic Union of Romania) The motion states that Prime Minister Citu "praises" an unsustainable economic growth, which is not reflected in the living standards, nor in the purchasing power of the Romanians, "both of which are in decline compared to 2019". "The GDP (gross domestic power) used by Florin Citu as the first argument is an inappropriate indicator to measure the material well-being of people. GDP does not reflect the purchasing power of people or the negative impact of inflation. A paper-based increase in GDP does not reflect the economic potential of a state, nor the economic realities felt by citizens," AUR argues. "In any government, the person occupying the position of prime minister is very important. This person set the tone for government and therefore must be someone of exemplary character, above any suspicion of corruption or immoral behavior. Unfortunately for Romania, Mr. Florin Citu is an immoral person, accused of conflict of interest, abuse of office, exertion of pressures and violations of administrative procedures," the motion reads. AUR also argues, among other things, that the government "is not about the parties, about the division of ministries and the budget", but is about the people. "The government must answer the question "how to make better the lives of the inhabitants of this country?" the AUR mentions in the motion of no confidence.AGERPRES(RO - author: Sorinel Penes, editor: Mihai Simionescu; EN - editor: Maria Voican)

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