The Danube Delta - Romania's largest investment project (Sierra Quadrant report)

With a 1.1 billion euro budget from European funds, the Danube Delta has become in recent years Romania's largest investment project, shows a Sierra Quadrant expert analysis released on Monday. According to the cited document, more than 900 projects in the private sector and 123 public administration projects worth a total of 393 million euros have received so far European funding under programs such as the Large Infrastructure Operational Program (LIOP), the Regional Operational Program (ROP), the National Rural Development Program (NRDP), the Human Capital Operational Program (HCOP), or the Competitiveness Operational Program (COP), but also from private investments. "The Danube Delta is attracting increasingly more tourism investors, and this is evident in the spectacular increase in the number of tourists this year. Among the most interesting investment projects there is a 15-hectare perimeter which was recently put up for sale by Sierra Quadrant. The property allows the construction of a hotel, a mini marina, a heliport and a glamping & tourist area. With a budget of 1.1 billion euros from European funding, the Danube Delta has virtually become in recent years Romania's largest investment project. The money comes from financing lines (LIOP, ROP, NRDP, HCOP, COP etc.), but also from private investments, which have topped 100 million euros," the cited source notes. The list of properties with a significant investment potential also includes the land put up for sale by Sierra Quadrant, actually a cluster of 14 neighboring land plots located in the built-up area of the Nufaru commune (Tulcea County), with a total area of 142,812 sqm intended for the development of a tourist real estate project on the Danube bank; the property is up for sale at the price of 6.75 million lei, VAT excluded. The property is located in a wonderful natural setting, with low and high areas, on the Sfantu Gheorghe Danube arm, between Victoria and Baltenii de Sus. "The location allows the development of a large magnitude project, in accordance with the Danube Delta Integrated Sustainable Development Strategy. With either European funding or with private financing, this property allows accommodation facilities (hotel, villas, bungalows, multiple leisure areas). Also recreational canals can be built here, various sport facilities, promenades, swimming pools and even a heliport. The Sfantu Gheorghe Danube arm is the only waterway that can accommodate a berth for river cruise ships that can thus navigate the entire Danube, up to Germany. The negotiation of the property deal is done directly or via the Sierra Quadrant online auction platform.AGERPRES(RO - Daniel Badea, editor: Mariana Nica; EN - author: Simona Klodnischi, editor: Maria Voican)

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