Clarksons – Greek-owned fleet increases its share [tables]

The Greek-owned fleet remains the largest in the world with 5,774 ships, 410 million dwt and 242.3 million gt according to the data provided to by the leading shipping brokerage house Clarksons. Also, the Greek-owned fleet in terms of gt constitutes 16.5% of the world fleet, while ten years ago it accounted for 13.6%. The additional market share gained by the Greek-owned fleet means that it grew faster than its competitors.

In dwt terms, the share of the Greek-owned fleet as part of the world rises to 18.9%. According to Stephen Gordon Managing Director, Clarksons Research, speaking to, the value of the Greek-owned fleet amounts to $141.7 billion, and reaches 11.8% of the value of the world fleet.

According to Stephen Gordon, Greek shipowners have the largest fleet of tankers in the world (1,566 ships, 163.4 million dwt, 23.4% share of the world fleet), the second largest fleet of cargo ships (2,479 ships, 203.8 million dwt and 21.5% share of the world fleet) and also hold 19.6% of the world fleet of liquefied natural gas carriers (122 ships of 10.9 million dwt).

The performance of the Greek-owned fleet acquires greater value when we take into account that our country does not have its own cargo as is the case with other major shipping powers such as China or Germany, etc.

On the contrary, as highlighted in the recent report of the Hellenic Shipowners' Association (EEU), Greek shipping carries cargo between third countries at a rate of more than 98% of its transportation capacity, which makes it the largest cross-border carrier  worldwide. The Greek-owned fleet is vital for world trade, transporting basic goods, including agricultural and forestry products, oil and oil derivatives, liquefied gases, chemicals, iron and other...

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