Merkel is leaving; "It's good news"

Deutsche Welle (DW) editor Kristina Burak thinks it's a good thing.
Namely, she believes that a new political attitude is needed in order to overcome numerous challenges.
After the parliamentary elections on September 26, when Angela Merkel will definitely step down from the position of German Chancellor after 16 years, the European Union will say goodbye to the longest-serving prime minister.
"Merkel has long been an important player on the EU stage. She has experienced deep crises and overcome them. She has helped keep the European Union together in difficult times. Ultimately, the German chancellor has always acted in the EU's interest - but often only after which, as much as she could, she avoided making a decision. It is no coincidence that the term "merkeln" (merkeliti) was chosen as the word of the year among young people in 2015", Burak believes.
True, Merkel has always been a reliable advocate of EU values, but still too often she hesitated and gave in only when there was no other option. Many of these decisions were controversial. But also brave, says DW. During the financial crisis in the Eurozone and Greece, Merkel also opposed her CDU fixed on the dogma of budgetary discipline, as well as the mood among the German population, all in order to save Greece. Prior to that, she resolutely claimed that such a step was out of the question. And only when the EU was facing a financial collapse, it decided on those measures.
Austerity measures against Greece and aid packages to other affected Mediterranean countries were seen there as proof that Merkel was imposing a "German path", without any solidarity within the EU. I remember a conversation in my own, Spanish family, which complained terribly about the fact that Germans still...

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