Immunologist: There is No Doubt That the Third Dose of Vaccine will be Needed

There is no doubt that the third dose of vaccine will be needed, but without haste. 8-10 months after illness or vaccination, a booster dose can be given. This was commented in "The day begins" on BNT by Acad. Bogdan Petrunov, immunologist and allergist.

There is no official change in the characteristics of the vaccines, but it is expected to be changed and it is expected to be possible to administer a third dose with another type of vaccine, he explained.

Obviously, the measures that would lead to the restriction of the delta option are not observed. Vaccination is not widespread, in my opinion, it is desperately weak, we are in last place in Europe, said Acad. Petrunov.

He explained that more and more young people are becoming more and more infected and even babies are getting sick. According to him, the worrying thing is that the delta variant is asymptomatic, and even with milder symptoms people do not consult a doctor and thus the spread of the infection continues.

Last year with the first variants of COVID-19 there were disturbances in the taste, in the sense of smell, now this thing is not noticeable, added Acad. Petrunov.

The infection in the delta variant develops very quickly and we see it - the number of infected people, hospital patients, and deaths is increasing.

He also commented on the so-called Covid Nu variant in Colombia - nothing is known about it yet, it is still being studied, there is not enough data, it is only proven, but it is difficult to say what severity of the disease they cause.

The effect of the existing vaccines in relation to the existing variants is very good - not less than 70% to 90% success and efficiency of the vaccines, said Acad. Petrunov.


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