Guatemalan artist’s show offers different perspective on Turkish Lira

Art lovers gathered for a "Season of Silver" art exhibition held in the Turkish capital Ankara on Wednesday to enjoy a Guatemalan artist's different perspectives on Turkish Lira banknotes.

Speaking at the opening ceremony, Guatemala's Ambassador to Ankara Jairo David Estrada Barrios said the artist Fernando Valdiviezo's seven drawings "of the vision of each of the personalities that appear in the Turkish lira banknotes, with the technic of integrating the original banknote that enhances and shows Turkey in current times" will be presented during the five-day exhibition.

The art pieces, living symbology, include Turkish lira banknotes to mark 147 years of "prosperous diplomatic relations" between Turkey and Guatemala, Estrada said.

There had been several waves of migration from the Ottoman Empire to Latin America, including Guatemala and neighboring countries, from the 1860s till the end of the First World War.

Thanks to the Ottoman citizens living in the region, the foundation of bilateral relations with almost 150 years of history was laid between the imperial and Guatemalan authorities.

In a pre-recorded video message, Valdiviezo said that he used the historical characters behind the Turkish lira banknotes, who have contributed to the cultural and social life of the country, as an inspiration to complete the art pieces.

When the exhibition is over, the pieces "will be given to the Republic of Turkey as a gift from the Republic of Guatemala," the ambassador added.

The ambassadors of Korea, Paraguay, Mexico, Argentina, Chile, El Salvador, Peru and Panama also attended the event.

The exhibition will be open to visitors until Sept. 12 at Ankara's landmark Atakule tower shopping...

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