Lockdown of Wright-Patterson base where the Dayton Accords were signed VIDEO / PHOTO

Namely, an investigation into the shooting in the facility was underway, and in the meantime, the officials confirmed that the situation was safe.
The state of emergency was announced several times over a loudspeaker on Thursday night at a military base east of Dayton, after a report on a shooting at the facility was received at 9.25 pm local time, a spokeswoman for the base said, Reuters reports.
Security personnel at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base are still conducting sweeps following reports of an active shooter Thursday night.
Over the next four hours, security officials conducted two inspections of the National Air and Space Intelligence Center (NASIC), 850.000 square foot building that is considered the U.S. Department of Defense's main source of analysis for foreign air and space threats.
According to the spokesperson, no injuries were reported and no evidence of gunshots had been found, adding that the report of the threat was "credible". He said that two people had reported hearing gunshots in the area, so at 01.40 local time the emergency was lifted after confirmation that everything was safe.
A statement from the base's spokesman added that more details would be announced when they became available.
As a reminder, talks took place at the Wright Patterson Base from November 1 to 21, 1995, which preceded the signing of the General Framework Agreement for Peace in Bosnia and Herzegovina, better known as the Dayton Peace Accords.
The main participants were the then President of the Republic of Serbia Slobodan Miloevi, President of the Presidency of the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina Alija Izetbegovi, President of the Republic of Croatia Franjo Tudjman, US representatives Warren M. Christopher (US Secretary of...

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