Merkel revealed her position on the recognition of the so-called Kosovo

When posed the question by German journalist, that a decade ago, when Chancellor Merkel was in Belgrade, it was on the agenda that Serbia must recognize Kosovo if it wants to join the EU, and whether that is an inevitable condition, she stressed that some issues will be resolved in the end of the entire process.
"Not all EU members have recognized Kosovo. It must be resolved in order for the states to resolve EU accession. I had a pragmatic approach," she said during her address. "There is no point in talking about the end of a process before solving other problems. This issue will not disappear, it must be resolved. But I am for a roadmap where all other issues are resolved first. I hope we will have new progress in the process around Kosovo," she explained.
She said that Germany, based on its history, knows very well that it takes time to resolve such issues, and reminded how long the unification of Germany lasted, until we came, as she said, to the agreement.
President Vui said that Serbia knows what the condition for joining the EU is, that it is resolving relations with Pritina. "We do not hide it from our public. And tonight, when everyone is closely following this visit, I will not deny it with a single word. That is why we are conducting a dialogue in a serious way," he explained. Vui pointed out that, as it is heard that Pritina has its own constitution, so does Serbia and it must respect it.
He underlined that Serbia is ready to discuss all compromise solutions, to discuss relations, and before that to agree that we have a free flow of goods, services, money and people, to bring people closer, because then it will be easier to find a solution.
"If the question is whether we are aware that we will not enter the EU before...

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