Dr. Kon: The number of infected will grow; quarantine until mid-October

Also, due to the growing number of newly infected even among children, online classes have started in high schools in 40 cities and municipalities in Serbia. A member of the Crisis Staff, Dr Predrag Kon, estimated that the epidemiological situation in Serbia will worsen.
According to him, the number of infected people will increase in the next two weeks, because, as he stated, no effective measures are being taken to stabilize the situation and limit the transmission of the virus.

China races to squash new Covid-19 cluster among schoolchildren.
Southern Chinese cities have closed schools and ordered testing for millions in race to curb a new Covid-19 outbreak https://t.co/S09J2VOUWT pic.twitter.com/Cm1TIskOKF

— AFP News Agency (@AFP) September 14, 2021

In KBC Dragia Miovi, 125 patients in three days

The coordinator in the COVID hospital of the KBC, Dr Dragia Miovi, Slavica Radovanovi, stated today that a total of 125 COVID patients were hospitalized in that hospital in the last three days and that about 30 percent of the patients were vaccinated.
"Among the patients, we have 30 children, five pregnant women, and two of them were successfully delivered. We also have an equal number of men and women among the patients," she told RTS, commenting on the number of admitted patients from Friday until today.

Quarantine until mid-October

In the capital of Australia, the Canberra quarantine measure will be in force until mid-October. About 400.000 residents have already spent a month at home, after the discovery of a new hotbed of COVID-19 in the city. Local authorities want to limit the transmission of the virus and vaccinate as many people as possible. The new focus of the epidemic is limited,...

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