No country made such a decision: The strictest COVID measures in the world adopted

All public and private sector workers are required to have a vaccination certificate, a negative coronavirus test or a certificate that they have recently recovered from the infection, reports "Jutarnji list".
The decision was made at a government session and should take effect on October 15.
The goal of the move is to convince people to get vaccinated and reduce the infection in one of the most affected countries by the coronavirus pandemic.
A worker who will not be able to show a valid health certificate will be suspended without pay, but cannot be fired. Those who ignore the decree and come to work without a certificate will receive a fine of between 600 and 1.500 euros, writes Reuters, which had an insight into the draft measures.
Although some EU countries have ordered healthcare workers to be vaccinated, none before Italy has stipulated that a COVID certificate is mandatory for all employees.
The idea of COVID confirmation was initially related to travel, but Italy very quickly started to apply it to places such as museums, gyms and interior parts of restaurants.
Although there have been protests against the measures in recent weeks, most political parties as well as major employers' associations have backed them, hoping there will be no further lockdowns.
Union leaders are less prone to new restrictions and believe that those who do not want to be vaccinated must get the tests for free in order to be able to come to work. Italy, after Britain, has the most deaths in Europe that were positive for coronavirus, more than 130.000 of them since the outbreak of the pandemic.
About 74 percent of 60 million people received at least the first dose, and about 68 percent were fully vaccinated.

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