Rama Cynically Plays Gender Card With Women-Majority Cabinet

He chose a well-respected professional lawyer and an equally respected scientist, both from civil society, to head his Socialist Party list.

Today, neither of those women is part of parliament. Rama, the so-called "women-promoter" and "gender champion", ditched both of them.

He brought them in and escorted them out. It was all a personal decision done for personal gain.

The same behavioural pattern can be observed with the women ministers he appointed in his first and second prime ministerial mandates.

Rama announced the new female ministers as the bright side of his government, only to dismiss two of them on live TV in 2016, terminating their political careers by not including them either on the candidates' lists, nor in administrative positions.

At least three women ministers have wept on live TV due to Rama's comments or behaviour - the former Minister of Innovation, the former Minister of Education (now recycled as Speaker of Parliament) and former Minister of Culture (now recycled as Minister of Tourism).

Women as bait, to attract attention

Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama speaks at the Economic Forum for regional cooperation in Skopje. Photo: EPA-EFE/GEORGI LICOVSKI

Using women for PR moves has proven an excellent tactic for Rama. He is highly aware of the power women can bring to the table, the public discourse and the country's international image. He knows they bring news, attention, an audience and popularity. He uses it and enjoys the ride.

However, Rama is not so good at stopping to reflect or look back to learn from mistakes. In a copy-pasted pattern from previous form, Rama again used women for the elections in 2021. This time, the premier-turned-gender-champion recruited an...

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