UNTOLD brought to Cluj-Napoca over 35 million euro

The organizers of the UNTOLD Festival, that took place between September 9-12, announce over 35 million euro stayed in Cluj-Napoca. "Of the over 265,000 participants, that's how many attended this year all four days, some of them can still be seen on the streets of Cluj-Napoca. The organizers estimate that, of the total number of participants, 25 pct are from Cluj County, 15 pct from abroad, and the remaining 60 pct coming from all around Romania. This year saw participants coming from over 100 countries such as Germany, France, the United Kingdom, Poland, Hungary, Italy, Israel and the USA, to more exotic countries such as Argentina, Japan or Brazil. At a first estimate, of the over 265,000 participants, the 200,000 coming from outside Cluj have spent, on average, in the four days, at least 175 euro, on accommodation, transport, restaurants, going out, shopping, museum visits, etc. At a simple calculation, this means an infusion of capital in the Cluj community of over 35 million euro," shows a release sent on Thursday by the organizers. According to the quoted source, this money will be then found in local taxes, but also in revenues for local businesses or for people who took advantage of the high number of tourists present, renting their apartments or homes. "Of course, Cluj-Napoca and Romania won most in the image category. There's writing again and superlative stories all around the world, and all the interviewed foreign participants state that they're glad they managed to get to the only large festival in Europe that took place this year," the release also shows. The organizers also mention that they are making 1.3 million RON investments post-festival. "The attention of the organizers of UNTOLD on the community, but also on investments to the city continues after the festival. As in each year, the organizers rapidly put in place an action plan, meant to capitalize the area in the center of Cluj where the festival is taking place. Thus, the organizers are making a 1.3 million RON investment in outfitting the spaces used during the festival. In the Central Park, these works consisted of changing portions of lawn, overseeding, reconditioning alleys, footbridges, gutters, benches, and landscaping. On the Cluj Arena as well, the organizers of UNTOLD are running ample works to replace the entire field, as well as the supporting substrata," the release mentions. AGERPRES (RO - author: Marius Septimiu Avram, editor: Irina Poenaru; EN - author: Razvan-Adrian Pandea, editor: Simona Iacob)

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