EU Scoffs at Balkan Mini Schengen

The EU administration assessed negatively the initiative "Mini Schengen", also known as "Open Balkan", of the leaders of North Macedonia, Serbia and Albania and believes that it undermines the region's European integration. The European Commission believes that the initiative of Edi Rama, Aleksandar Vučić and Zoran Zaev is completely incompatible with the initiative for regional development together with Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Kosovo, diplomatic sources from Brussels note. According to the European Commission, this initiative should not be supported, because it impedes the strategic partnership between the EU and the Balkan countries.

A joint meeting between the government of Kosovo and the government of North Macedonia took place. "Any improvement in relations between neighboring countries brings stability and prosperity to the entire region. That is why we welcome the dialogue between Serbia and Kosovo and we are to support a decision that is acceptable for both countries", said North Macedonia's Premier Zoran Zaev. The Premier of Kosovo Albin Kurti assessed the joint meeting of the governments of the two countries as a historic event in the year when North Macedonia celebrates 30 years of independence and the republic of Kosovo celebrates 13 years of independence.

North Macedonia and Kosovo signed 11 agreements for cooperation in cross-border projects, cooperation in the energy sector, etc. The two countries agreed to ease borer control. They are also exploring the possibility to open a new border crossing- Tetovo-Prizren. North Macedonia and Kosovo are to fulfill a joint ski project connecting the ski resorts Brezovica and Popova Shapka in Šar Mountains, announced the website new defense cooperation agreement between...

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