Middle class, youth a key focus in SYRIZA’s programme Tsipras declares

By George Gilson

SYRIZA's economic policy as regards bolstering the middle class, youth and pensioners was the central topic at SYRIZA leader Alexis Tsipras no-hold-barred televised news conference today at the Thessaloniki International Trade Fair (TIF), where the underlying message was that his party is ready to rule and create a "progressive government".

Amidst rampant talk about the prospect of early elections, Tsipras when asked about such an eventuality encouraged the PM to call snap elections if he has the courage.

Luring the youth vote

The main opposition leader and former PM began by accusing ruling conservative New Democracy of neglecting the youth and blaming it for all the ills of society, such as the "corona parties" that trigger the super-spreading of COVID-19.

Although he maintained that SYRIZA has a comprehensive policy to stem the brain drain and ensure a framework of labour relations that will protect them, he offered few details.

Luring the youth vote and reversing the brain drain is a major strategic goal of both SYRIZA and the government.

PM Kyriakos Mitsotakis last week pledged, for example, that he would offer a 2,000 euro monthly salary for doctors who left the country - when they could not find employment during the decade-long economic crisis - and who decide to return to Greece and work for the National Health System, although that would be a relatively small fraction of their compensation in well-paid jobs abroad.

Thousands of doctors left the country during the crisis

Management of COVID-19 pandemic, vax deniers in SYRIZA's base

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