"45% of the population in Serbia chooses mass infection"

Mirsad Djerlek asked the unvaccinated why they are not getting immunized. "What are the unvaccinated waiting for, why don't they roll up their sleeves?"
"We have to have between 70 and 80 percent vaccinated for collective immunity," he told K1 television.
He reminded that at this moment, 53 percent of adult citizens received the first dose of the vaccine against COVID-19, while 51 percent of them were revaccinated.
Djerlek also emphasized that this is not enough to achieve collective immunity.
"We all hoped that we would achieve a better result, but a large group of people, about 45%, decided for some other form of achieving collective immunity, and that is mass illness," said Djerlek.
He points out that everything is up to us, because, he points out, we prolong the survival of the mutating virus. "We should continue to fight to increase the number of people who will receive the vaccine. There is a model and we will discuss it, because one person can now infect seven, eight, even nine people," Djerlek added.
When asked when the COVID passes will be in use, Djerlek said that they are ready and that a final decision is awaited. "COVID passes primarily serve to stop the spread of the infection, and they will have multiple significance. We have also hired lawyers who will harmonize it, since it is being said whether it is constitutional, that is, whether there is discrimination," said Djerlek.
He once again pointed out the importance of vaccination, comparing the numbers from last year and this year, when the same number of new infections was confirmed by a smaller number of deaths from the consequences of COVID infection.
"When we compare December last year and September this year - the same number of new patients, but...

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