EU at "the turning point": Is there any doubt in the United States?

He stated that this is shown by the unilateral decisions of Washington to withdraw from Afghanistan and the U.S. security pact with Australia and Great Britain.
Michel said that these decisions by the United States showed "an obvious lack of transparency and loyalty", although, as he emphasized, US President Joseph Biden announced earlier this year that "America is back" after his predecessor Donald Trump advocated "America First" policy for four years".
Addressing a group of journalists in New York, where the UN General Assembly is being held, he reiterated that the transatlantic alliance is "the most important alliance for us in the EU", AP reports.
"I do not question this alliance, but I ask: Is there any doubt in the United States about the importance of this alliance with Europe?" Michelle asked.
He warned that the announcement of a new alliance between the US, UK and Australia and the US decision to sell nuclear-powered submarines with Britain to Australia, ending an earlier agreement between France and Australia, would have consequences.
Australia, the United States and the United Kingdom signed the AUKUS security pact on September 15, which will give Canberra the technology to build eight nuclear-powered submarines.
After joining the pact, Australia gave up buying submarines from France, which is why Paris accused Canberra of lying and withdrew the ambassadors from Washington and Canberra.

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