PM Citu estimates number of beds necessary for COVID-19 patients could increase to 2,000

Prime Minister Florin Citu on Tuesday estimated that the need for ICU beds for COVID-19 patients could increase to 2,000 and asked those in charge to make a plan so that they can secure the necessary number of beds in the intensive care units. The clarifications were made during a videoconference with prefects, which is also attended by representatives of the Public Health Departments, hospital managers, heads of ICU, emergency units, Inspectorate for Emergency Situations and ASSMB (Hospitals and Medical Services Administration Bucharest) representatives. The video conference is also attended by the interim Minister of Health, Cseke Attila, and the Secretary of State in the Ministry of Interior Raed Arafat. "I don't think I need to underscore again how important it is to have ICU staff and units ready as quickly as possible - and we needs as many beds as possible. I said 1,600. However, seeing the development of the pandemic, we may need 2,000. Make a plan - to be able to increase the number of places in ICUs for COVID-19 patients very quickly, if necessary, we all need to understand that we are here for patients. We are all here for the patients and we all have the duty to ensure the best conditions for them," said the PM. He asked those in charge with the public health departments "not to stay in the offices" and to talk to the hospital managers, offering them support in providing the necessary staff and treatments. "I call on the management of the public health departments: don't stay in the offices anymore. (...) Go and talk to the hospital managers. Make sure that what we want to implement is implemented. But at the same time, help them. Help them with the implementation, give them the resources they need, support them so that we can have as many ICU beds and wards as possible for coronavirus patients, in the shortest time, and also the necessary staff, the medicines we need," he said. The Prime Minister also requested the involvement of prefects, pointing out that they need to check and supervise the way in which the various situations that appear in the context of the pandemic are managed. "You have a major responsibility to check and supervise the implementation of the things I have requested now. I want you to make sure that the county coordination centres are activated and in constant contact with the CNCCI (National Intervention Management and Coordination Centre), in order to quickly resolve the situations that arise," he said. Citu mentioned that, in addition to the increase in the number of beds in the COVID wards, there is a need for more medical staff to be brought from other hospitals when needed. He called for the medical staff to be understanding, saying he knew that these movements of personnel could cause "discomfort," but underscored that they were necessary to take care of the sick. The head of Executive also stated that hospital managers should be in constant contact with the National Intervention Management and Coordination Centre (CNCCI), to ensure the rapid transfer of patients, if necessary. AGERPRES (RO - author: Irinela Visan, editor: Catalin Alexandru, EN - author: Cristina Zaharia, editor: Adina Panaitescu)

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