Ancient Hittite apartments attract attention

Hittite-era rock caves in the Central Anatolian province of Sivas are attracting the attention of visitors with their architectural structure.

According to a statement made by the Sivas Governor's Office, the caves in the Gürün district, which date back to 2,000 B.C., have been used as shelters, castles and for food storage throughout history. They resemble primitive apartments with three and five floors.

One of the oldest settlements in Anatolia, Gürün stands out with its rock caves, historical riches and natural beauties.

Located 136 kilometers from the city center in the south of Sivas, Gürün is located at a point that connects the eastern Anatolia region, the Central Anatolia region and the Mediterranean region.

Thanks to the easily eroding feature of the rocks, it is estimated that the Hittites processed these caves and gave them the appearance of a layered structure.

The rock caves, which were used as a cold storage area, woodshed and animal feed storage area by local people until a short time ago, are also important for the promotion of the province.


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