Djukanovic: "It's shameful. They can't hide how much it hurts them"

The cabinet of President Milo Djukanovi issued a statement stating that the way in which Russia treats Montenegro and its president is shameful.
Zakharova said on Tuesday that Djukanovic's accusations against official Moscow and the Russian Orthodox Church were his attempt to regain power.
Reacting to the accusations of the Montenegrin head of state, she assessed that the group around Djukanovic persistently continues to play the church card, and that the goal is to introduce confusion, divide Montenegrins into friends and enemies and raise the level of tension in society in order to renew the government under his auspices.
She pointed out that at the same time the fact that the opinion of a significant part of the population of Montenegro was ignored under the previous government, which was focused on the so-called Euro-Atlantic orientation, was diligently hidden, RIA Novosti reported.
Djukanovic's cabinet announced on Sunday that Russia and the Russian Orthodox Church are destabilizing Montenegro in an attempt to satisfy the "imperial ambitions" of official Moscow and the "Greater Serbian ambitions of Belgrade."
"Statements are coming from Moscow again, in which the word 'shame' has taken root, inventing that the majority of Montenegrin citizens support the Serbian Orthodox Church", it is stated in the announcement from the office of the President of Montenegro. They cannot, they say, actually hide how much the "so-called" Euro-Atlantic orientation of Montenegro hurts them. But, they add, they do not mind that "Serbian Patriarch and Serbian Metropolitan were delivered to Cetinje by a NATO helicopter, covered with a bulletproof vest."
"This action is also supported by Russia," the statement reads, adding that "history will...

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