Titan – TERNA Energy – Strategic cooperation for investments in waste management

The TITAN and TERNA Energy Group consortium participates in the tenders for PPPs for Waste Management Units (WMUs) in Attica and Central Macedonia.

Specifically, on September 22, the consortium submitted letters of expression of interest in the first phase of the tenders for the Waste Management Units of the Central Cyclical Economy Park of Attica, the  Cyclical Economy Park of the Piraeus Regional Unit and the Western Sector of the Region of Central Macedonia.

The experience and know-how that TERNA Energy and TITAN combine guarantee, in case the consortium is selected, the optimal economic and environmental performance of the MEAs and the maximization of the recovery of materials and energy.

Through WMUs, recycling can be maximized, waste dumping can be minimized and at the same time the production of high quality alternative fuels can be ensured. Utilizing alternative fuels in cement production contributes to saving natural raw materials, reducing CO2 emissions and ensuring the long-term competitiveness of the domestic cement industry.

TERNA Energy has already completed and is successfully operating similar projects in Macedonia and Epirus, while currently implementing the largest PPP project in the field of waste management, specifically that of Integrated Waste Management of the Peloponnese Region. The company is a leader in the fields of production and storage of clean energy and environmental and cyclical economy projects, active for about 25 years in these sectors, as part of its business strategy for sustainable development and sustainability. Through its activities it contributes to the transition to a future with less carbon and to the maximum possible protection of the environment with obvious benefits for society as a whole.


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