Parents and students, get ready

The situation will only get more complicated, as the number of newly infected is growing.
Final decision on who and how will go to classes in the last week of September awaits us today, when the Ministry of Education will announce in which municipalities schools go to online or combined classes, or remain in "attend classes at school" mode.
Moreover, the indication that the number of municipalities that will work according to the second or third model will increase, is that we have growing number of teachers who are infected with the coronavirus, and students are increasingly "losing" classes, writes "Blic".
Whether schools and local governments will be in the green, yellow or red zone will not be arbitrary but will depend on several clear parameters: the number of vaccinated, the number of infected in the last 14 days, the percentage of positive tests, the trend of growth or decline of infected, but also respect of measures in schools.
Deciding on the teaching model will be made for the territory of the municipality, i.e. the city as a whole, including Belgrade. Therefore, city municipalities would not be considered as separate units.

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